Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virgin Hair?

The term virgin hair refers to hair that has been untouched by chemical processes such as dyes, perms, and relaxers. Our Pure Virgin Hair is selected.

How much hair do I need?

If you are having a full sew-in weave the average person need about eight to ten ounces of hair. We recommend buying 2 packs of hair (lengths between …14” to 16”) 18″ or longer we suggest purchase 3 packs or more. It is always best to have enough hair than not enough.

For Sewing: We Suggest that you sew around the weft and not through weft because you do not want to damage the weft and disrupt the hair, going around the weft will also add longevity to your hair.

For glue: If you are getting the hair glued in one pack is enough (we suggest not to bond the hair if you want to reuse for multiple installments)
keep in mind that since the hair is sold by total weight the rule is: “The longer the hair, the shorter the track, (weft)

Can I color this hair?

Yes! This is 100% virgin human hair which is not processed in any way. So you can color the hair. Once virgin hair is treated in any way, it is no longer virgin…

What type of hair products should I use?

Treat this hair just like your own. We suggest that you wash your hair before installment, by soaking hair in a sink. Conditioning your hair is very important to keep it soft and manageable. We recommend using a deep conditioner on your Indian hair once per week let hair soak in conditioner about 10 minutes, but avoid using oil or heavy styling products. The more moisture the more curls or waves!

Can I go swimming?

Yes you can. Its recommend to braid the hair or put it in a ponytail to keep it from tangling.

How is the length measured?

The Straight Textures are measured true to length. The curly, Body Wave, Loose Wave, and Deep Wave are measured when hair is pulled straight.

Can the weft be cut?

Yes. Our wefts are made by machine. They can be cut without unraveling, but for longevity we suggest using Dritz Fray Check at your local craft store…

How long does it last?

This hair can last for a long time, the better you take GOOD care of it, the longer you can have it and reuse! Our clients generally use the hair for 7-10 months. With the proper care up to 2 years.

Where does Indian and Brazilian hair come from?

The hair comes from people in India and Brazil who donate their hair in the name of prayer. it is common for people to sacrifice their hair in return for prayers that have been answered by God. Temples in India cut and collect the hair from the willing devotees, and then auction the hair off to distributors. The proceeds from the auctions are returned back into the community in various charitable forms.

Why is Virgin hair so special?

Indian hair is highly regarded in the hair industry because of its flexibility, durability, and texture. Virgin hair is naturally thick and lustrous. It gives best possible styling and installation options for extensions. The hair is also naturally dark, so it works great for weaving applications for women of color

Can I buy hair from you wholesale?

Yes you may. For additional information please contact us. We have some of the best wholesale prices in the industry. Virgin Hair Obsession will be glad to do business with you.

Once I order, ‘How long will it be before I receive my hair?’

You will receive your order within 7-10 business days, excluding holidays. We will email your tracking number once your hair has been shipped.