Hair Care

Hair Care

Upon Receipt of Hair

Always inspect the hair before installing the hair. Leave the bundle intact. If there are any issues with the hair you should notice at this time.
Prior to the installation of your hair extensions, for extra protection of your weft, we recommend you seal your weft! It will eliminate shedding and add longevity to your investment.
Next, you want to co-wash the hair (This is highly recommended for ALL 100% Virgin Hair.)


·Brush out all knots before washing. Always wash, condition and moisturize your hair to keep it clean.

·Make sure you buy a good quality shampoo and conditioner; the cheap stuff shouldn’t be an option.

·The extensions do not receive your scalps natural oils so will need to have the moisture added every wash; again a good quality moisturizer is paramount.

·Everyone wants to get their money’s worth out of their extensions so treat them with respect and you will.


Instructions for Virgin Hair

Our hair is 100% Virgin Hair and must be co-washed (washing hair with a moisturizing conditioner) in order to transform the hair from its raw state to beautiful hair that’s ready to install. Co-Wash the hair BEFORE you make changes to hair (color, perm, etc.).

Step 1.) Co-Wash the Hair
Step 2.) Rinse thoroughly with cold water
Step 3.) Scrunch up hair gently to reform curls.
Step 4.) Air Dry
Step 5.) Install

Maintenance Instruction for All Textures

Shampoo or Co-Wash at least once a week.

Use a shampoo no higher than PH 7.
Do NOT massage.
Rinse thoroughly with luke-warmwater.
Apply conditioner and comb through with a wide tooth comb, starting with the ends.
Rinse thoroughly.
Let air dry.

Daily Maintenance

Use styling products minimally to avoid build up.

For Wavy & Curly hair use a spray bottle of water for natural look
For a "WET" look, we suggest a leave in conditioner & water
Dampen hair with a water bottle
Comb through (wide tooth comb) beginning at the ends and working your way up to your scalp.
Scrunch up hair gently to reform curls.
Let hair air-dry.
Style as desired.

Exercising & Sleeping


·If you’ve got a tendency to swim at the gym or otherwise, make sure you keep your locks out of the water. The chlorine and salt water does not do your hair any favors; wear your hair up when exercising or swimming.


·Never sleep on hair that’s wet, dry your hair completely before going to bed. I would also recommend you gently tie up hair in a loose ponytail or wrap hair up before you sleep